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Designs | Development | Management

Website Designs:

We provide professional, creative and responsive Website Designs and re-designs for Blogs, Business and Personal Websites. We offer handcrafted, unique designs for business startups, as well as for big, well-established corporate entities. We also design full-featured e-commerce platforms.



  • Unique Designs
  • Fully Responsive
  • Optimized for Speed
  • Secure

Our goal: To provide superior & professional web design at a reasonable price!


Website Development:

We develop dynamic websites perfectly tailored to the demands or our clients. We provide industry-customized Web Development services, driven by the latest technology, to suit your requirements, and help increase work efficiencies and reduce your running costs. We can develop any sort of e-commerce website solution; and are capable of implementing complicated and complex technology solutions in minimum time at affordable costs.



  • Industry-customized Web Development
  • Fully Responsive
  • Optimized for Speed
  • Customized Scripts
  • Community Websites
  • Content Management Solutions
  • E-Commerce & Store Websites
  • Secure

Our goal: To provide superb, functional and professional Web Development Services at a reasonable price!


Website Management:

We also offer comprehensive Website Management Services to our clients. Our Website Management Services covers functions like Security Monitoring, Asset Protection & Backup, Search Engine Optimization, Content & Social Media Management and Optimization, Internet Marketing.

Our Website Management Services helps prevent website and server failures, protect online data and reputation, enhance performance, and provide social and viral marketing. Clients can sign up for full Website Management Services or select which specific services to sign up for.



  • 99.9% Always Online Guarantee
  • Fast Page Loading
  • Full Security Guarantee
  • Complete Data Integrity
  • Ultra Positive Platform Reputation
  • Prime Search Engine Performance
  • Prime Marketing Boost

Our goal: To provide our clients with a sound competitive edge at costs they can afford!


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Mobile Apps

Designs | Development

Mobile Apps Design & Development:

We design and develop applications for mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. Our primary aim is to deliver complexity with a simple solution, creating powerful, high performance mobile apps, built with your success in mind. We specialize in building mobile apps for Android, IOS, Windows, and Cross platforms; and use a new robust technology that enables the development of mobile applications for all three common platforms with one agile method. This method enables us to develop for all three platforms quickly, and save our clients time and money.



  • Agile, Cross-platform Development Method
  • Cost and Time-saving Development Method
  • Use of Latest Emerging technologies

Our goal: To provide our clients with powerful, high-performance mobile apps at costs they can afford!


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Email Marketing Campaigns

Designs | Planning | Execution

Email Campaigns:

At The Jossidy Agency, we design, plan and execute e-mail marketing campaigns, which are very effective in persuading customers to engage with brands. E-mail campaigns are used to create Brand Awareness, to aid Sales Promotions, Product Launches, Startup Launches, and overall Brand Promotion. We have the expertise to plan and execute first-rate, result-oriented e-mail marketing campaigns for our clients.



  • Calendar Planning
  • List Management
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Template Designing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Reports & Analysis

Our goal: To plan and execute e-mail marketing campaigns, which are very effective in persuading customers to engage with brands!


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Social Media

Setup | Campaigns | Management

Social Media Setup:

We setup professional-standard Social Media accounts for our clients. Social Media setup involves choosing appropriate names, profile intro info, and creating first-class graphics for the account profiles, and other visuals to promote the account.



  • Powerful, Impactful Profile IDs
  • Concise (engaging) Profile Intro Info
  • Evocative, Impactful Profile Picture (Graphic Design) Visuals

Social Media Campaigns:

We also design, plan and execute Social Media Campaigns for our clients. Just like E-mail Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns are also targeted towards persuading customers to engage with brands. It is very effective in driving more traffic to websites, increasing Brand Awareness, and building Brand Loyalty.

In planning and executing Social Media Campaigns, our motto is to ‘work smarter, not harder’, applying proven metrics to measure the effective of our Social Media Campaigns.



  • Clear & Measurable Goals
  • Well-articulated Game-plan
  • Targeting Key Platforms
  • Visual Message Expression
  • Measure & Optimize for Success

Social Media Management:

We undertake the management of the entire process of our clients’ Social Media presence, if they so request. This involves setting up their social media accounts, running social media campaigns, and the general, routine management of their social media presence.

Our goal: To turn social media platforms into powerful and compelling tools, which effectively persuades customers to engage with our clients’ brands!


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Methods | Execution | Analysis

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. The key to getting more traffic lies in integrating content with search engine optimization and social media marketing.

At The Jossidy Agency, we offer first class Search Engine Optimization services to our clients on all the websites we create for them. Our Search Engine Optimization services start from the first website creation functions we perform, which is Domain-name Registration. Building strong site architecture and providing clear navigation also helps search engines index our clients’ websites quickly and easily. Other basic elements of our website creation work, like text content, site speed, cross-device compatibility (website responsiveness), and Meta descriptions and title tags all contribute to the SEO appeal of our website creations.

For better results and higher search engine rankings, we apply several methods and use various tools and services to provide excellent, result-oriented SEO services to our clients on request.



  • Excellent and well-researched text content
  • Well-tagged Picture Content
  • Well-articulated Use of Keywords
  • Clear & Measurable SEO Targets
  • Measure & Optimize for Success

Our goal: To apply the art of Search Engine Optimization to attract large audiences to our clients’ websites, thereby enriching customers engagement for the brands we manage!